A World Placed In Chaos By The Holy Order, Will You Stand And Fight For Your World? Or Will You Join The Order
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 Drowl Rebraeth

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red mountain

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PostSubject: Drowl Rebraeth   Drowl Rebraeth EmptySat Apr 27, 2013 11:44 am

Name:Drowl Rebraeth

Alias: The man who stood before the gods drenched in blood

Birthday/ Age: 10,000+

Gender: Male

Sexuality: Straight

Post A Picture Of What You Look Like Here Okay, Try not to use others. if you have trouble posting the picture let us know and we can help.

Eye Color: White

Hair Color: Black goatee

Height: 6' 2"

Weight: 250

Personality: Prefers peace but is immensely powerful when he wishes to restore order. He was known in ancient times as a loving ruler who woul enjoy the most trivial of things. His calm demeanor however was not to be mistaken for weakness. He was able to black out the sky and cripple nations with a simple glance.

Likes: Watching the world progress as it should. He also enjoys the serenity of nature

Dislikes and Fears: He fears that he will need to wake from his 10'000 year slumber to restore order as the evil in the world grows. has only feared those who he could not surpass, the gods he tried to defy

Abilities: He was trained from birth as one of the first to learn the magic of lightning and how to use it as both a regular spell as well as infusing it into his muscles to enhance his physical speed. This technique allowed him to reach a level of physical being above any human alive in his times.

Strenghts: rigorous training in martial arts and lightning magic honed his body mind and spirit to unimaginable levels

Weaknesses: he was a loving ruler with so much power he eventually felt the need to seal himself away as he began to lose his sanity after all the lives he had taken wore away at his mind and heart he has large fits of mental breakdown that cause earthquakes and volcanic eruptions.


Name: Cloud Born temple

Rank: Outcast

Tattoo: Ancient times had scarification rather than tattoo


Magic Type: Lightning.

Spell Name: Cloud to Earth Strike, Earth to Cloud Strike, Lightning Palm and Electric Entity

Spell Effect:
-What Does The Spell Do?
Cloud to Earth - pulls lightning from the clouds to strike a target (long) b
Earth to Cloud - reverse of Cloud to Earth harder to gain charge from the ground and is weaker and used more for surprise attacks (long)c
Lightning Palm - shoots an electrical charge from his heart through his hands as a bolt of lightning takes time to charge and he cannot move while charging or firing. (short) a
Electric Entity - coats his body in lightning and enhances his physical being to near godlike he can not use any other magic in this form and is thus a last resort. (passive) s


Spell Rank: E/D/C/B/A/S? E being weakest, S being Strongest

Strengths: Thousands of years of training and meditation

Weaknesses: Immense brightness makes his eyesight close to minimal thus the white eyes relying mainly on the vibrations in the ground and hearing. he needs to eat 12 times the amount of a normal human to be able to fight more than an hour


Background Answer all the question. Feel free to add what you like.

-a mountain range once known as the red mountains were leveled after a battle with his sensei
-Inazuma Sutoraiki
-He Came into existence before there fight was relevant and will only take part when the world descends into chaos

-Where Do You Live Now? A Sealing Tomb of his own design thousands of miles below the surface of the earth
-What Is Your Reputation Like With The Order or Rebels? Thought to be long dead

-How Did You Get Your Alias? The mountain range he was raised and trained on for most of his life was leveled in a battle between him and his mentor Inazuma Sutoraiki after he was told he had become to powerful he attacked Inazuma and a 4 day battle ensued, day after day moving from mountain top to mountain top the Red Mountains began changing into the red valleys. and on the last day of battle the two stood in those valleys with a pool of innocent victims blood surrounding them they resorted to sheer brute strength to determine the victor but Inazuma was no Match for the level Drowl had attained and by a locking of both hands drowl ripped his mentor in half. at this time drenched in the blood of his sensei a fear rose deep within his heart as the sky opened and the gods of war and peace decended before him he felt the magic he had used to keep the peace for so long began to whither away. the two gods spoke in tandem "Drowl long ago you were brought to this man as an orphan and told you had a great future but you simply wished for peace. as the times grew darker simply talking of peace became unreasonable so you looked to your strength to enforce this peace. but with such a choice there is a great price to be paid. Your power is to great to contain and you could not control the loss of innocent lives as you are this is not something we could normally forgive but as your mentor told you long ago there is still a future for you that holds greatness. you must seal your self away allow everyone to believe both you and Inazuma have died this day and in time there will be another who wishes for peace as you have done but they will look into the eyes of one they thought dead and realize the errors of there path you must wait in that tomb until there is a power worthy of us that seeps through to youand on that day the mountains above you shall crumble and the earth beneath you will once again crack with your footsteps but it will only be a show of power do not et history repeat itself you afre our messenger" and the gods of peace and war receded back to the heavens and the weight within Drowl lifted. The present tense of that day was a mark in history and a promise for the future.

-Return peace to the world
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PostSubject: Re: Drowl Rebraeth   Drowl Rebraeth EmptySat Apr 27, 2013 6:12 pm

its looking good, it needs a lot more information in some places.
such as pictures under apperance it hard to get the pictures on there if your not familur with the site functions, but if you can compy and paste the immages web page i can do that for you,

Also, you shuld delete the Lay out things that exsplain or ask questions like in the history, take a look at some of the other characters to get an idea of what i am talking about, you dont need to colour code it, or anything fancey.

good Luck

~Fist of Balance~
Drowl Rebraeth 11_glo10
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Drowl Rebraeth
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