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 Ida ~Tigger Taurusa

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PostSubject: Ida ~Tigger Taurusa   Ida ~Tigger  Taurusa EmptyMon Apr 15, 2013 1:12 am

Character Info

Ida ~Tigger~ Taurusa

Tig, Tigger, Tida, Horned Mage

Birthday/ Age:

June 9th X500


Ida Has Two horns at the top of her head resembling that of A Bull, matching her personality quite well, she was told they were their because her mother was a shape shifter who could change into a set of 12 animals from the Zodiacs she has Dark Brown almost Black hair and her eyes gleam of Silver with the touch of blue and Green. She is most often Seen with full plate armour on but at times she is seen with a long dress made from natural materials

Eye Colour
Silver and Turquoise

Hair Color:
Dark Brown/ Black

Varies with armour and without. Ranging anywhere from 150-650


Ida has A Strong Mind and Body, she doesn’t often approach others, and is more of Loner she doesn’t intend for this but it is hard to make Friends as a Mercenary, she isn’t heartless but does what she needs to Survive.
Letter To Sister

*The Ink Flows from the pen and into the paper, the Strokes of The pen rather choppy and rough, but the marks flow together in time*


Ida is the kind of person who Doesn’t know her likes until they happen, she isn’t experienced socially enough to decide the kind of People she Likes, however Jerks and the insulting people never seem to gain her attention, she enjoys most foods, but her time spent on the road lead to her not having much choice of food, most of the time, Rice, bread and assorted Vegetables gathered before the trips. Ida also doesn’t live for excitement, she Likes the simple Life, and aspires to one day settle down and have A child.

Dislikes and Fears:
Ida has a few fears, but Most she dosent share with any one Person, Her sister knows the Majority of them and is asked she might say something like, Flight ,the safety of her Loved ones, Failure and Death without Reason. She dislikes Walking through Flooded Swamps and Water in the Dark. But this dosent stop her it just makes her more aware and would avoid them I possible

Ida Is one of A Kind, even her sister is not as Unique, as Ida had horns like a bull, spurting from her head, they are not obnoxiously large, but it’s a sign of her nature, she is stubborn and Strong, but not without Reason, she fights Smart and Hard, using everything she has to her advantage.

Ida takes advantage over Most Magic users, because the fear factor doesn’t apply to her, she Is quick to charge in and Disrupt Casters before they cast, Armour is truly no issue to Ida she is powerful in her ways, and her Earth manipulation would make Armour Bridled and even a few strike could likely crumble it.

What keeps an Advantage over Ida is the Idea of people, she can be taken Advantage of and her friendship could be misplaced easily, as well as she is quite vulnerable Versing Monsters and People with the Power of Flight.







Magic Type:
Metal Manipulation

Spell Name:
Metalmorphic Shifting

Spell Effect:
By Taking Metal partial in object like the rocks, Weapons, Jewellery, she can Reform them and instantly Reform or Liquidize them.

Spell Description:
Ida Can Manipulate Metals around her being Able To Reform and Liquidize them at the touch, Magical Item would Reform Rather Quickly on their own for example Ida could Touch A Magic Shield and melt it down and make a good hit but she couldn’t reshape it and it would be A few seconds before it would Reform on the Ground.

Spell Drawbacks:
Ida cant reform magic items or metal likened with a Soul.

Short (Touch)

Spell Rank:
Rank S

This is Ida’s Primary Focus and so had a lot of time to perfect them, she could make thousands of small Pins or, a mighty Blade, the manipulation is almost endless. And despite being strong costs little of her mana. The Reason behind it is if the metal is reformed it can be liquidized again to regain some of the Mana used to create the Object.

Ida’s Main weakness to this Ability is the fact this ability is rooted in Fire, Water and Earth. This means Wind normally has A Stronger Penetration than her ability as density. As wells as Lightning being able to Travel into the weapons/armours easily and if caught off guard can Hit her Critically



Weapon Name:
Metalmorphic Shifting Weapons

Magical Properties:
Retains the Mana used within the weapon, And can take on Many forms, From A Giant Sheild to A Bow and Arrow, but is most commonly worn on her as metal Gauntlets. And can be used as long as she still has mana

Weapon Appearance:


Ida Along with her Sister Eva Grew up in a small house outside of Serpents pass it wasn’t unheard of to find snakes in the house but the two lived with them in harmony, and grew to be better people living with nature, Ida and Eva trained with each other, Eva finding out her gifts made her immortal. And ida finding out she could bend Metal at her Will, and at first they tried to make homes with this but soon found that after a few days Ida would Grew Sick from Mana corruption and the shelter wudl fall apart when she finaly collapsed under the Stress her body had. Both Her Parents where gone before she could remember, Eva had told her thei mother was a Rebel and her father was from the holy Order, and their father knew nothing of Ida’s birth. Not wanting ida or Eva to be a child of war she felt it was better Eva takes Ida and live by themselves. And after A while their mother Letter Stoped coming.
Ida Makes her living as a mercenary working where she was needed, and often hired by the holy order to be in the Front lines of battle. She is not prized nor wanted by the Order and the Rebels likely don’t know of her exsitance byoned stories of a horned Mage. Ida takes pride in her life and one day would like t settle Down and have a daughter, who she would name Serenity after her mother
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PostSubject: Re: Ida ~Tigger Taurusa   Ida ~Tigger  Taurusa EmptyTue Apr 16, 2013 9:07 pm

Analysis complete.

You are approved to post.

Ida ~Tigger  Taurusa Kilvas10
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